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Welcome to Kaizen Academy LLC

We are a mid-sized traditional martial arts school affiliated with Shidokan international, one of the few premier sanctioning bodies certified by the Japanese ministry of education. Shidokan is not a franchise cookie cutter organization, it is a voluntary affiliation that promotes excellence in traditional arts.

We instruct students in the traditional arts. No MMA, kickboxing or blended training. Our roots are deep in culture, and our instructors reflect that passion for tradition. Walk in to any dojo (training hall) in Okinawa or Japan and you would find our curriculum parallels theirs in content and expectation.

We teach students discipline, character, motivation, respect and self-confidence.
We coach students in discovery their potential in tournament preparation: Safe and effective sparring and kata (forms)
We mentor our students in citizenship and leadership.

Our instructors are passionate about the values in karate training, and wish to pay it forward by being our student’s teachers, instructors, coaches and mentors.


My children have been students since 2009. Both started as grasshoppers in the program and are now enrolled in the commitment to staying until reaching Black belts. The teaching staff is very good with the children all various ages. This not a school where they just promote to next belt if they feel you’re not ready you don't move up and on. I am very satisfied and proud to be a part of Kaizen family for the last five years and I am also excited to seeing the pride & smiles on their faces once they have reached the milestone and join the elite Black belt club.


Before my son began karate he had absolutely no confidence in himself & had a hard time making friends at school. Signing him up was the best thing I could've ever done for him. This had changed his life in so many ways. He has amazing instructors at the dojo that have taught him to have confidence, respect & responsibility.


My son, Landon, has been a proud member of Kaizen Academy since he started as a Grasshopper 3 years ago. He began his journey with Kaizen after he attended a birthday party. He wanted to join because he got to break a board at the party and he thought that was “Awesome”. As a parent, I had him join to get him involved in something that provided commitment, discipline and good moral teachings. To say the least, myself and my wife have been thrilled with all of the instructors at Kaizen Academy.

Matt, Landon's father

As it pertains to the actual instruction, I have been blown away by what my son has learned and the confidence it has instilled in him. This past year, he was encouraged to participate in the annual tournament held in Londonderry. I was stunned to see how well he performed his kata in front of so many people and even more proud of how he competed in the sparring section of the tournament.

Lia Sprague

10 Benefits of Training at Kaizen Academy

1) Develop Self-Confidence - Self-confidence is the key that opens the gates on the road to success. A confident person doesn't know the meaning of the word "can't".

2) Develop Self-Discipline - Self-discipline enables the martial artist to stay focused on their objectives in life. Armed with self-confidence and self-discipline, a martial artist can accomplish "anything".

3) Acquire Self-Defense skills - The chances of you or your child encountering a physical confrontation in this world are quite high unfortunately. If or when that happens, the martial artist has developed effective self-defense skills to deal with these type situations appropriately should avoidance be impossible. Bullying has reached epidemic levels in our school systems. This incessant behavior can have debilitating effects on its victims. Bullies usually steer clear of our students who advocate non-violent conflict resolution whenever possible.

4) Develop True Self Respect and Self Esteem - Training encourages effort, especially among children and counteracts the prevalent 'everybody gets promoted' mentality that says you're going to get rewarded just for showing up. That doesn't build true self-esteem; instead, it builds this empty sense of 'I'm just fantastic, not because I did anything but just because I'm here

5) Attain Physical Fitness - Our students of all ages, male and female, learn an art form while dramatically improving their state of physical fitness in an energy packed environment unlike the boredom of the gym.

6) Develop Self-Control and Self-Restraint - Our students are in control of their emotions. They are able to handle stressful situations in a mature, rational manner. Family relationships are enhanced as family members spend quality time together while training in a clean, safe, healthy and happy environment.

7) Personal Development - Our students are very technically oriented and pay attention to the smallest details, which are sometimes critically important to improve performance academically and professionally.

8) Correct a child's behavioral issues - Our students train in a disciplined, structured, yet fun, environment. Instructors are in complete control of their classes and inspire the students to strive fore the perfection of self and moral dignity. Our public schools often fail to address these critically important subjects.

9) Acquire new friends - You will develop a strong bond with the martial artists in the Dojo. You will enjoy healthy relationships while working hard and having fun. Your child will not fall victim to unhealthy peer pressures, alcoholism or drug addiction so prevalent in today's society.

10) Cure your curiosity - The first step is the most difficult. All one has to do is walk through the door. In a matter of minutes, your inhibitions and fears of this foreign subject will be eliminated and we will walk with you and guide you every step on the way to "your Black Belt"!

Mission Statement

Kaizen Academy, LLC is a traditional dojo aimed at offering high-quality, moderately-priced, martial arts training that fosters an atmosphere of character-building camaraderie in partnership with our students and their families.

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